Come and Join Us!

NEW! Sunday Service pattern across the benefice of Brimscombe, Woodchester and Rodborough

Sunday worship services will continue online at 9am and 11am every week.  The 9am services will be streamed from Rodborough and the 11am services will be streamed from Woodchester and Brimscombe Alternatively.

So each Sunday you will have a choice of attending four services:

a 9am service in Rodborough,

a 9am service online,

an 11am service alternating between Woodchester and Brimscombe

or an 11am service online.

So next few Sunday Mornings in November will offer the following services.


1st nov

All Saints

9am Rodborough
9am Zoom
11am Brimscombe
11am Zoom
8 Nov


10.45am Rodborough
10.45 am Zoom
10.45 Brimscombe
10.55 Woodchester war memorial, follwed by 11.15 at church
15 November 9am Rodborough
9am Zoom
11am Brimscombe
11am Zoom

Do Contact us (see contact details under “about us”) for Zoom login details, to join the services online.

Midweek Groups

We are currently running the Prayer Course (from 24-7 prayer), Alpha , prayer groups and homegroups via Zoom. Do contact us for more details

Brimscombe Church Open each Saturday Morning at 10:30am to come and quietly listen to worship music and a simple morning prayer with a biblical reflection at 11am