Come and Join Us!

NEW! New Wine

New Wine starts on the evening of Thursday 30th  – with main sessions at 8pm

Come and join us for worship, prayer and teaching, together with churches from across the UK and wider.

You can see the programme and join the sessions via each programme item on

Do note that this sunday (2nd Aug) we are having a zoom 9am Service, but otherwise are joining the New wine services at 11:00am and 8pm.

NEW! Daily Reflections starting 25/07 Shaping Disciples – An introduction to Marks’s Gospel

Previously we had noted that the source for Mark’s gospel was none other than the apostle Peter, I would like now to turn our attention to Mark.

Early church sources tell us that Mark was Peter’s companion, interpreter  and scribe (His Greek was probably a lot better for writing to the Gentile churches in which they ministered)and that Mark was meticulous in reporting exactly what Peter said.

They also tell us Mark heard the stories about Jesus recounted in Peter’s sermons, that Peter had arranged together to teach particular points to particular audiences – as Peter was all about making disciples and teaching them what they needed to know to follow Jesus more closely (and in turn make disciples themselves).  We may be traveling through Peters stories, but watch how Mark (following the example of Peter) has arranged them – what is he trying to teach us?  How is he trying to shape us as disciples of Jesus?

Note: We are now using the NIVUK  translation on bible gateway (the reading  link) that comes with the acclaimed audio version – read by David Suchet – Just click on the speaker icon in the row of icons above the Bible passage and David Suchet will read to you!

Brimscombe Church Open Saturday 10:30-12:30am with

NEW!  Morning prayer at 11am

The Good News is that we are now able to start the journey of restoring church buildings to their proper use.  It will take many steps and probably many changes along the way, but to start with, following the current guidelines, we are planning to open each of the churches in the benefice for one two-hour session each week

  • Mondays 9am-11am: St Mary’s Woodchester
  • Wednesdays 10am-12 noon: St Mary Magdalene Rodborough
  • Saturdays 10:30am-12:30pm: Holy Trinity Brimscombe

There will be two people on duty for each session, welcoming people . You are assured of a friendly welcome and a peaceful atmosphere.  In keeping with the guidance, social distancing and high levels of hygiene will be observed.  There will be prayer resources available that people can use and can take away.

we are planning to have 30mins of quiet music from 10:30am to 11:00am when we join together for a service.

We will monitor how this works and also, as the government restrictions change, will look at how we best respond to the opportunities we have. 

Upper Room – Prayer Stations

Come and join in our virtual prayer stations to pray for our nation, community, loved ones,  and ourselves. come to receive and to give.

And watch this space as we add and expand the stations

New Prayer station “Focus on the future” a meditation on Life after Lockdown



Daily reflections – Sitting at the feet of Jesus

Come and journey with us through daily reflections on Matthews Gospel, as we sit at the feet of Jesus together and learn from the Messiah.


Covid-19 Impact on Worship

We are continuing sunday services and midweek prayers and study groups online using the Zoom video-conferencing software.

Do Contact us (see contact details under “about us”) for login details, to join the services.


Zoom Worship This week 

9:00am  Sunday Morning Prayer with Sermon

11:00am Sunday Morning service with Sermon & Sung Worship

9:00am Monday Morning prayer

7:30pm Weds Bible Study & prayer